Dessert Branding Takes Profits to Next Level


Great Taste Magazine - OC Restaurant

Studies show MARS Brand Candies positively influence consumers’ purchase decisions1 and desserts often distinguish a restaurant from its competitors. By adding MARS Brand Candies to desserts and their logos to menus, it will be easy for guests to choose to add desserts to their checks. The logos are available for download to operators who want to use MARS Brand Candies to move dessert items from the menu to the plate.

With five of the top 10 chocolate brands in the U.S.2, MARS Brand Candies, such as M&M’S, SNICKERS and TWIX, are taking over the dessert section of the menu, and branding helps take the most profitable menu items to the next level. Desserts with brand-name ingredients, such as TWIX Caramel Churros Sundae and M&M’s Strawberry Shortcake Shake, help feed the dessert frenzy.

Posted by Chantal Lozano


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