In a unique kind of partnership, Daphne’s (www.Daphnes.biz) and Kelly Slater are cultivating the newest generation of young surf stars with a mentorship in the art of surfing and nutritional health for 8 young Southern Californians. Slater, brand ambassador for Daphne’s, has chosen four boys and four girls, all under the age of 18, to be charter members of “Team Daphne’s.” Two alternates will be chosen in a voting contest on Surfline.com. The athletes will be fueled by Daphne’s high protein, low carb / sodium nourishment and nestle under Slater’s wing to learn what it takes to evolve into a 10-time Association of Surfing Professional’s World Champion.It all begins when Slater will critique their surfing videos at the San Clemente home of Daphne’s CEO, Bill Trefethen on July 6 from 2-5 p.m.

Team Daphne’s was created as a means to support emerging athletic talent in their pursuits and promote active living and a healthful diet through the eyes of one of the nation’s most admired and accomplished professional athletes.A personal fan of Daphne’s, Slater will serve as a role model and provide the 411 of how athletes should eat before competition and afterward for growth and recovery.

Team Daphne’s includes: Corey Colapinto, 15, Jake Davis, 14, Josh Benjoya, 15, Lani Doherty, 18, Kulia Dohery, 15, Meah Collins, 10, Skip McCollough,15 and Tia Blanco, 15.

Posted By Kristin 7/8/2011

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