Customized Knife Program & Rare Cuts


Customized Knife Program & Rare Cuts

Presenting guests with their choice of Japanese, French or German-made blades in a mahogany box before their meal, this unique luxury twist allows guests to choose what feels best in their hands and complements Stake’s lineup of rare, top quality cuts of including A5 Japanese Wagyu, aged bone-in New York and rib-eye steaks from Flannery Beef, and a 50 oz. tomahawk rib chop to name a few.

Before each meal, Stake presents diners with a beautiful selection of finely sharpened steak knives, allowing guests to choose what feels best in their hands. With options including a Japanese, French or German-made, all are uniquely elegant in their own right offering variety in balance, blade and beauty.

High rollers can opt in for the five-course “Stake Experience” priced at $140 per person, which affords a customized menu by Chef Kolanko based on the diner’s preferences and chef’s choice and offers optional wine pairings from Wine Director, Greg Majors. A platter of raw steaks is presented table side, and much like choosing a dessert from a display tray, diners have the opportunity to see the cuts firsthand instead of imagining it’s dimension and attributes from paper.

posted 01/27/15

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