Plans Underway for Culinary Salon Riverside


Before he purchased The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Duane R. Roberts established his phenomenal success in the food-service manufacturing business. He then applied his deep passion, expertise and principals of success into four award-winning restaurants at his beloved Mission Inn.

Today, the man who formulated and introduced the world’s first commercially available frozen burrito has a new vision. Mr. Roberts, who with his wife Kelly are the “Keepers of the Inn,” has announced that he will host, along with Riverside Community College and the City of Riverside, a new extraordinary culinary experience: Culinary Salon Riverside: A Duane R. Roberts Culinary Competition.

Culinary Salon Riverside is scheduled for September 22-25, 2011 at The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa and other Historic Downtown Riverside locations.

“What better way to honor the rich culinary heritage of the City of Riverside and The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, than by creating what will become one of the greatest events of its kind, anywhere,” said Mr. Roberts. “We have a world-class team in place and working hard to ensure this event is nothing less than spectacular.”

The concept of Culinary Salon Riverside involves a collaboration of organizations and talented individuals throughout the Inland Empire region: Riverside Community College Culinary Academy, the American Culinary Federation Southern California (ACF) and the California Inland Empire Chefs & Cooks Association. To launch Culinary Salon Riverside’s inaugural year, the theme will be “Citrus,” to honor the fruit industry that was crucial to the formation of the city. The array of activities will include:

¢ The Competitions. Both professionals and students will compete in more than 30 categories in various locations throughout Downtown Riverside. American Culinary Federation (ACF)-sanctioned categories will include the savory and sweet, as well as ice carving.

¢ The Judges. ACF-certified judges from around the nation will oversee the competitions.

¢ The Prizes. Awards and prize monies will be slated for each category, with Best of Salon as the “creme de la creme.”

¢ The Demonstrations. Visitors will enjoy observing professional and celebrity chefs as they demonstrate their skills and expertise.

¢ The Celebrations. Culinary Salon Riverside will feature many displays, demonstrations, competitions, cocktail parties and dinners in an extraordinary atmosphere of international world-class cuisine.

“Duane Roberts is a true visionary, and this event is the first of its kind for Riverside,” said City of Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge. “The culinary arts are a unique cornerstone of Riverside’s Arts and Innovation.”

Regular updates on Culinary Salon Riverside will be provided at and on the event’s Facebook page.

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