Confucius Institute at UC Davis to focus on Food, Beverage Culture


uc davis

A new institute devoted to Chinese food and beverage culture — the first of its kind in the world — is getting cooking at the University of California, Davis. People from near and far will be welcomed as the institute offers a savory program of courses, lectures, workshops and other events on Chinese food and beverage, culture and language.

The institute combines signature strengths of UC Davis and China’s Jiangnan University as world leaders in food and beverage science and technology, with the goal of promoting understanding of Chinese food and beverage culture. In addition to fostering education and research, the institute will encourage conversation between the food and beverage industries of China and California.

UC Davis is known globally for its achievements related to food and beverages. Its programs in food science and technology, wine making, brewing and nutrition are rooted in some of the foundational disciplines of the University of California. In these programs, researchers and students explore the scientific, technological, cultural, economic and health facets of foods and beverages.

Posted by Lauren Harrity 9/24/13

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