CIA Culinary Bible, The Professional Chef, New 9th Edition Available for iPad


The Culinary Institute of America's The Professional Chef is the classic resource that America's best professional chefs and home cooks have relied on for decades to master the complete range of basic and advanced cooking skills. Now America's most trusted culinary reference is just a tap away. Through publisher Wiley and Inkling—the leading platform for interactive learning content on iPad—the gold standard of culinary textbooks has taken a step that PC Magazine calls "a new frontier for books."

The Professional Chef, iPad Edition (Wiley, Inkling; $49.99) is a premier interactive learning experience. The iPad edition enhances the user experience with 850 recipes, nearly 750 photographs featuring 175 enhanced images, more than 100 videos, and other features.

Assessment indicators test participants' knowledge of each product type, navigating readers through a series of multiple choice, true or false, and short-answer questions. Additional features include highlighting and sticky notes to mark text or highlight important content. A social notes feature allows readers to follow other people's commentaries right in the text, making it easy for students to organize study groups, instructors to share comments with the class, or any user to get real-time notes and tips from fellow cooks using The Professional Chef.

A PC Magazine online article as the iPad edition arrived on virtual bookshelves October 25 said this innovation "is an impressive alternative to the 1,400-page print edition and illuminates a path toward the future of publishing."

Images are annotated with pop-up descriptions of fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, poultry, and seafood. Photo slideshows illustrate step-by-step techniques of key cooking fundamentals, and guided tours take the reader through the key elements of an important technique. For example, tapping through the different cuts of beef will lead to detailed information, additional illustrations, and tips on uses for each cut. Instructions are brought to life with embedded videos demonstrating precisely how to master a specific technique such as cooking a perfect egg, fabricating a lobster, or preparing a meringue.

The Culinary Institute of America's The Professional Chef, iPad Edition is a landmark in culinary education, giving professional chefs, culinary students, and seasoned home cooks an invaluable gift from the world's premier culinary college. As PC Magazine's review said about this essential reference, "you don't really have to be a student to appreciate it or want to own it."

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