CIA Announces $3.6 Million Increase in Scholarships


Dr. Tim Ryan, President of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) announced an increase of $3.6 million in student scholarships during the college’s annual State of the Institute meeting for staff and faculty. As part of the college’s dedication to providing the world’s best culinary degree programs, Dr. Ryan also announced that the CIA was taking bold new steps to make a professional culinary education more affordable for aspiring chefs. The CIA is a true not-for-profit college and it has a strong history of providing aid to students through its expert financial aid department. On average, 90% of the college’s students receive some form of financial aid and many receive both need and merit aid. Importantly, most CIA aid is renewable and can provide valuable support to students over the life of their degree programs. In the college’s next fiscal year, total scholarships for students are expected to be $23.5 million.

posted by Tiffany Haslacker

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