Chocolates for Grads



“YouDiDit! DiDit! DiDit!”

Celebrate your Graduate with chocolates from Luisa Chocolatiere!
Many of the items listed below are made and on display for sale in our store.
To order, please call, email, or stop by in person! Please allow 24 hours for us to make your order.
26941 Cabot Road, Suite 106, Laguna Hills, CA 92635
(949) 582-5867
(949) 495-3822
[email protected]

Frogs with Mortar and Tassel
-filled with vanilla caramel, choice or milk or dark chocolate

Fun Graduate
-large marshmallow dipped in white chocolate with hat, feet, and chocolate diploma

Mortar and Diploma Lolly
-Also available without lolly stick

Chocolate Graduation Hatbox
-filled with chocolate covered sunflower seeds

Boy or Girl Graduate Lolly

Diploma on Pretzel Rod
-choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate

Chocolate Graduation Hat
-hat cavity filled with chocolate caramels

Chocolate Plaque with Diploma Lolly

Graduation Hat with Tassel
-3D chocolate hat packaged in clear cello

91% Cacao and Sugar Free Chocolates also Available!
Posted by Meghan Ogilvie

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