Chocolates for Dads



Father’s Day is coming up! Make his day special with chocolates from Luisa Chocolatiere!

Many of the items listed below are made and on display for sale in our store.
To order, please call, email, or stop by in person! Please allow 24 hours for us to make your order.
26941 Cabot Road, Suite 106, Laguna Hills, CA 92635
(949) 582-5867
(949) 495-3822
[email protected]


Father’s Day Box
-Truffles, marshmallow & caramels, coconut haystacks, and toffee with Happy Father’s Day personalization. Clear top. Ribbon bow.

Chocolate Golf Shoe
-Hollow. Filled with three white golf balls. Happy Father’s Day ribbon.

Assortment Chocolate Confections
-Happy Father’s Day ribbon. Truffles, caramels, almond toffee, nut turtles, etc.

Chocolate Football
-Hollow. Filled with 4 small almonds and pecan turtles. Happy Father’s Day ribbon.

Almond Toffee

Chocolate Turtles
-almond and pecan in the chocolate of your choice. Happy Father’s Day ribbon.

Father’s Day Chocolate Tie
-made in the chocolate of your choice. Happy Father’s Day personalization.

Edible Chocolate Box
-filled with choice of truffle almonds or chocolate espresso beans. Happy Father’s Day personalization.

Sugar Free and 91% Cacao chocolate also available!

Posted by Meghan Ogilvie

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