Chocolate and Almonds



Chocolate and Almonds: A Sweet Sensation of Powerful Crunch

WHAT: Chocolate and almonds are two ingredients that continue to grow in popularity not just individually, but as a powerful pair, with satisfying texture, unique flavor and distinctive crunch. Global survey respondents reported eating chocolate approximately 83 times per year, or 11 times per month, and almond and chocolate consumption increased to 29% in 2013, up from 13% in 20101. Consumers demand almonds and chocolate together for a variety of reasons; see the attached infographic for a glimpse into the mindset of consumers who choose to enjoy their chocolate and almonds together.

WHY: Why do consumers love chocolate and almonds? While the taste of chocolate is incredibly important, consumers also choose chocolate for the emotional experience. Emotional benefits are prevalent among the top ten attributes that consumers deem important when choosing chocolate: it increases happiness, is relaxing, exciting, comforting and satisfying1. Almonds deliver on those emotional drivers as well, making the chocolate experience even more enjoyable and satisfying. In fact, respondents who included almonds in their ideal chocolate bar were more likely to describe their product to be enjoyed for happy, relaxed, carefree and celebratory moods1. Additionally, consumers worldwide believe almonds are the nut that best makes chocolate more satisfying, uplifting, and relaxing1.

OPPORTUNITY: Great chocolate deserves great crunch. In addition to the texture, manufacturers can take heed of the tendency of consumers who are curious about new flavors, but also want to stick with what they know. With their unique versatility, almonds can provide familiarity while blending with more unique and interesting flavor combinations.

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Posted by Erica Schmucker

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