Chipotle Introduces New Margarita Recipe Featuring Patron Tequila


Chipotle Mexican Grill is adding premium Patron margaritas to the menu in its U.S. restaurants. The new margarita is hand-made for each customer using Patron Silver tequila, triple sec, a blend of fresh lime and lemon juices, and organic agave nectar. The Patron margarita was made available in about 900 Chipotle restaurants on Monday, April 29.

Served on the rocks with a wedge of lime, the premium Patron margarita is a simple recipe using only a few ingredients, and will be offered to customers alongside another margarita option made with Sauza tequila. The Sauza margarita will be available as a house option at a lower price, but will be made using the same recipe as the Patron version.

In addition to Patron and Sauza margaritas, Chipotle also offers beer – including craft varieties – in many of its restaurants nationwide. Alcoholic beverages are available to customers 21 and over.

Posted by Paula Votendahl


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