Chef’s Salary Potential Enhanced Through Professional Certification


Intoday’s workforce certification can lend credibility,professional advancement and job security to a career, andthe accreditation of a certification program ensures that the highest standards are met. The American CulinaryFederation, Inc. (ACF), the nation’s premier organization ofprofessional chefs, is further demonstrating its commitmentto the certification of the nation’s culinarians through itsCertified Sous Chefâ’ž¢ (CSC)certification program, which was recently accredited by theNational Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) under theInstitute of Credentialing Excellence, Washington, D.C. Thisis the second ACF certification program accredited by NCCA.

Manyemployers across various industries agree that certificationcan enrich an employee’s job performance. According to the2012 IT Skills and Salary Report, “the percentage ofmanagers reporting their staff was more effective orsignificantly more effective on the job after receivingcertification rose to 51 percent, up from 35 percent in2011.” ACF continues to analyze the benefits ofcertifications for cooks and chefs. Industry Insights, Inc.conducted a salary study of more than 2,700 culinariansthrough ACF in 2011, which indicated that “overall, respondents with at least one ACF certification reported 7percent higher average total compensation than those withoutan ACF certification.” Obtaining the NCCA accreditation forthe CSC program amplifies the value of thecertification.

posted by Tiffany Haslacker

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