Chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales is taking names and grocery orders!


Well, day 5 of our new shift in business and all I can say is what an incredibly humbling, amazing and a bit tiresome of a process. But what a high payoff and reward to be a part of something so great that I thought up while waiting for my doctor that was running late exactly 1 week ago. I didn’t really think I this would be the overwhelmingly positive outcome in just supplying a few things to the community! But I am so grateful that I am always living in a space of creativity, adaptability, positive impact, joy and looking from the peripheral vision. It’s great to see what can be done to solve simple challenges, not being in a place of fear to hold me back from what may be a change from normal expectations and biggest not being attached to a specific outcome!! We have really worked through quickly a great system to meet our grocery online store needs and hope to have 90% of my staff back to work if we keep growing as quickly to meet demands and doing what we can for my hometown Laguna Beach Community. We just maybe have to be doing things differently that we are used to doing!

Thank you to everyone for the encouragement, the kindness, emails, tips for my staff, donations, foot bumps, story sharing and more! It makes my sleepless nights and busy days forgetting to eat while we get to some sort of normalcy in this all in keeping up so much more bearable and enjoyable! I am tonight setting my presidence to have some much needed self care and rest! My team is incredible and I am so grateful that we can be there for them. It is so rewarding. Thank you to all of them, especially my assistant Scotty Welch for sticking with it and getting answers when we were stuck, working tirelessly with me to get a store going online in a matter of a day and continuing to grow and adapt as necessary! As you say “we’ve got this!” We absolutely do and are ready to take on the next challenge of getting so busy we will need more of our staff back to work!

We look forward to feeding you all soon with our Restaurant Hot Food To-Go, Delivery and Curbside orders and to fill your Nirvana Co-Op Grocery orders. You can order delivery or pick up Tuesday through Saturday! If you place an order anytime each day, we will have ready the SAME DAY as all items are updated daily with a live counting down inventory. Keep checking back for additions and availability . We are filling orders within the hour for pick up after 2pm until 7pm. We no longer need 24 hours!

Order Co-Op or hot food on same order and pay at
or call me at 949.637.4708 with any questions.

All my best and look forward to feeding you soon,
Chef Lindsay Marie Smith-Rosales

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