Chef Jamie Introduces ‘In a Jam’


Chef Jamie Gwen, well-known radio and television personality, cookbook author and Culinary Institute of America grad, has now added another title to her impressive resume: artisan jam-maker. Just out this month, and currently available exclusively at 12 Bristol Farms grocery stores throughout Southern California, Chef Jamie’s “In a Jam” jams come in three delicious varieties: strawberry rosemary; ginger peach and pomegranate jalapeno. Made in small batches with chunks of ripe fruit and full of vibrant flavor, they are fruit first, all natural, less sweet and lower in calories than traditional jams.

Homemade jams and preserves are a beloved memory from Jamie’s childhood. Growing up in Southern California and now a resident of Newport Beach, spring and summer meant an abundance of berries and stone fruits from strawberries and blueberries to plums and apricots. Lana Sills, Jamie’s mother, is a master jam-maker, and the aroma of fruit simmering away in a big pot on the stove meant a seasonal batch was in the works. Croissants, scones and toast were slathered with the fresh tasty preserves and are still a family tradition. The decision was made that the recipes and sublime end results should be shared with the public. However, Jamie decided to bring added complexity to the traditional jam profile.

Chef Jamie’s suggested use of “In a Jam” varieties extends beyond a breakfast accompaniment to baked goods. Spoon on Greek yoghurt, add a dollop to a turkey sandwich or glaze a store-bought rotisserie chicken for another layer of flavor. Hors d’oeuvres from the classic topping on a brick of cream cheese to dabs served with a savory cheese platter will benefit from the artisan jams. Dessert? The jams make a scrumptious filling for warm crepes and a sophisticated topping for vanilla ice cream. For more information, please log onto

posted by Anna Nguyen

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