Chef Aaron Grissom Joins Knitting Factory


Knitting Factory Entertainment’s Bow & Truss is pleased to announce that Chef Aaron Grissom has joined the restaurant as Executive Chef and has designed a new menu that reimagines the restaurant’s traditional Latin and Spanish-influenced fare. Grissom replaces Stefhanie Meyers who moved on to pursue other opportunities.

The self-taught Grissom arrives in North Hollywood by way of Dirty Oscar Annex in Tacoma, Washington where he was able to hone his craft by infusing classic American cuisine with French accents and modern technique. “I draw inspiration from chefs such as David Chang, Thomas Keller, and Ferran Adria,” says Grissom, and while those chefs are some of the most groundbreaking culinary artists working today, Grissom is also fully aware of history.

While it gave him much needed experience, Grissom found the food scene in Tacoma to be less open to his style of experimentation.

Grissom draws Inspiration from “chefs like Jon and Vinnie from Animal, Michael Voltaggio (Ink), Jose Andres (The Bazaar in Beverly Hills, minibar in Washington D.C. among others)” and considers his style to reflect the adage of “complexity hidden in simplicity.”

Grissom designed the new Bow & Truss menu so that it would “touch on traditional flavors with more of a modern technique and take on them.” The goal is to give people a feeling of dishes they may be familiar with but with an original spin. So while the menu includes tacos, the lamb, mint, fig, goat cheese and marcona taco is certainly not one you’ll find in most LA area taquerias and while the main courses include chicken, it’s served with a Catalan xató sauce and collards.

Deeply dedicated to local and sustainable practices, Grissom would like to be able to take that even further.

In the early going ,”for the sake of the customers and my team, I want to perfect the basics before expanding into specials,” but Grissom says that in the near future there will be nightly specials or a “fresh sheet.” Diners can expect some special events, as well. One of the ideas Grissom is toying with is (spoiler alert: vegetarians beware) a Butcher’s Dinner, where, once a month he and a local butcher will hold a class on how to butcher a certain animal, followed 8 hours later by a special dinner made from the result of the morning’s butchery.

posted by Sarah McCallum

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