Changing the Food System with Ecology Center


With your help, The Ecology Center is keeping their staff employed, feeding more families than ever before, and donating to those in their community who are most in need.

Together, we are rebuilding the food system — one that reconnects culture and agriculture,” The Ecology Center states. “Thank you for your participation, and thank you for the opportunity to serve.”

They are continuing to scale their offering week by week, both in Farm Share boxes and on their online store. They have invested deeply in growing their farm’s capacity to meet the community’s needs and soon, most, if not all produce in their Farm Share will be sourced from their farm. And almost all of their items in the Farm Stand will be available online and more regularly!

The Ecology Center wants you to consider becoming a member or donating to support them. Members allow them to continue their mission to grow food for a resilient community. As a member, you will receive discounts, access to member-only offerings, and an opportunity to purchase items that are in limited supply during these unprecedented times.

Online shop opens at 10:00am TODAY!

The Ecology Center is re-opening their curbside pick-up option for their Farm Share: Resilience Box. Each Resilience Box is full of essential staple produce with the option for additional pantry items to keep yourself and your family nourished during this time.

They will have 200 boxes available to order online today for curbside pick-up tomorrow (Thursday) April 2nd. These sell out quickly, so set an alarm to buy at 10:00 AM today. Once they sell out, the next available day to order will be next Monday for Tuesday pick-up. The online shop will be open from 10 AM – 4 PM every Monday and Wednesday.

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