Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen Records 28 Percent Sales Increase in 2011


Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen, located in the heart of Downtown Brea, registered a staggering 28 percent sales increase in 2011, lending to the overwhelming popularity of the restaurant. Furthermore, the restaurant reported a nearly 27% increase in sales in January 2012 over January 2011. Reviewing all the numbers, Cha Cha’s has estimated that their overall sales have doubled over the last two years.

Cha Cha’s was opened in Brea Downtown in August 2009 during less than desirable economic times, by co-owners and seasoned restaurateurs Don Myers and Peter Serantoni, who have more than 60 years of combined success in the restaurant industry.

“Peter and I both understood that opening a restaurant in the 2009 economy would be difficult,” says Don Myers.”We have had to make quite a few adjustments to our original business plan, but we are proud of where we are today and we look forward to continued growth for 2012.”

The 28 percent increase in sales was the result of some intense Gorilla Marketing’ efforts and some incredible repeat business from loyal guests.

“We celebrated our second year anniversary with a great party and gave out our Guests-of-the-Year Award’ to Doug and Jackie Stetson, who had dined with us over 121 times in a one year period!” “The awesome thing about that,” boasts Don Myers, “is that they barely beat out two other couples who had also each dined here over 100 times!”

Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen was recently honored with Business of the Year’ from the Brea Chamber of Commerce, and the Cha Cha’s Happy Hour and their Classic Margarita were named the Orange County Register’s Critic’s Choice’ for Best Margarita’ and Best Happy Hour’ in Orange County.

Posted by Markus Micheaels


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