CedarLEAN Soup and Wrap Combo Entrees – Healthier Frozen Food


Know someone who’s favorite pants suddenly feel smaller? According to research published by the New England Journal of Medicine, American women gain an average four pounds every four years. It adds up! The main culprits are overeating and not eating the proper foods, which is often due to hectic and over-scheduled days.

Frozen foods have a long history of being a go-to option on busy days; however, many frozen entrees are packed with high calories, high fat and high sodium – making for a very unhealthy meal. Thankfully, there are healthy alternatives too! CedarLEAN soup and wrap combo lunch entrees help to combat the battle of the bulge. They are all natural, healthy, less than 230 calories, high in fiber and protein, and low in sugar!

Published by Michael Alcaraz


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