Buy a Friend a Drink at a Memphis Group Venue Anywhere with Bartab


Bartab is a new app that allows users to buy their friends a drink digitally through social networks and text (not an online icon, but an actual drink) for only $1 at their favorite local haunt. For just another $1 the drink is redeemed at the actual bar. The app started successfully in San Francisco. Last month New York and LA/OC joined the craze. For the apps SoCal debut, Bartab selected The Memphis Group venues to be the first participating restaurants and bars in OC. Now anyone in any part of the world can buy a friend a drink at Memphis Cafe, Memphis at the Santora, Memphis at the Beach, Detroit Bar and Tin Lizzie Saloon for just a dollar. Visit Bartab to order your first round.

Posted 9/30/10.

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