Bring Haven Craft Cocktails Home


Slane Irish Whiskey Mule Kits

Haven’s here to help you recreate the Haven bar experience at home! First up: Irish Mules! They’re offering a Slane Irish Whiskey Mule Kit, which includes:
Slane Irish Whiskey (1 liter bottle)
Q Mixers Ginger Beer (2 bottles)
Mule Mugs (2)
Lime (1)

They will be launching new cocktail kits throughout the week so that your Haven at Home experience never gets dull. The Whiskey Mule Kit is $45. Click here to order your kit for pick-up!


You’re invited to place orders online for a selection of Grocery Items that you can use to create meals at home! From Cage-Free Eggs and Par-Baked Bread, to sustainable Jumbo Shrimp and Snake River Farms Wagyu Eye Round Roast… Haven is offering a killer selection that will keep you eating well at home. Convenient online ordering can be found by clicking here.

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