Boulevard Supply Opens Showroom In Las Vegas



Boulevard Supply, a hotel and restaurant equipment supplier has opened a unique showroom just minutes from the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Boulevard Supply showroom features a museum-like display of crowd control stanchions, from retractable belt style stanchions seen in airports, to VIP post and rope commonly seen in high end hotels and at red carpet events. Boulevard Supply has partnerships with leading crowd control equipment manufacturers and suppliers which allows them to offer customers quality products on all price levels, according to Radebaugh.

Local Las Vegas residents, restaurant and nightclub owners will have a wide selection of patio heaters, cooling fans and LED decor to view personally now. Many of these often hard-to-find products are designed to make the desert environment more hospitable in summer and winter, as well as to control the traffic, which may be especially appreciated in Las Vegas. Outdoor food vendors will have a selection of NSF portable hand sinks, which many consider a necessity when trying to obtain a permit from the local health department at local festivals.

The Boulevard Supply showroom is located behind the Mirage Hotel at 3711 Industrial Rd., Unit 8, Las Vegas, NV 89109 and hotels and restaurants nationwide may order from their website,

Boulevard Supply – (702) 706-7047
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