Biodynamic Organic Vineyard for Sale in Chile – Limari Valley


James Pryor, a 78 year-old foreign investor and owner of Sociedad Agri­cola
AguaTierra Limitada in Punitaqui in the Coquimbo Region in Chile, has
decided to sell his prized project, Vina AguaTierra. The vineyard is part
of a strategic property that has five of its own wells drawing water from
the Punitaqui stream, the main water source in the Limari Valley.

AguaTierra continues to be one of the principal suppliers of biodynamic
organic grapes for wineries such as Cono Sur and previously the Guilisasti
family’s Emiliana, and many others who sought the high quality grapes.

His objective was to manage 100 hectares organically; for it to be
sustainable and profitable without chemicals. He developed a premium grape
that is sold to the most important wineries in Chile, developed a premium
wine from the AguaTierra terrior, and won medals in international

His “Aguatierra:Naturally 2008” wine won medals at the “W”
Chile competition, in Brussels and Spain’s Penin competition.

Posted by Lauren Grelle


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