BinWise, Inc. Signs Bartolotta Restaurants as New Client


BinWise, Inc., a cloud-based restaurant beverage management company, is pleased to announce a partnership with Bartolotta Restaurants, the Milwaukee-based restaurant group. Bartolotta Restaurants’ Bacchus has been a client since May 1, 2012, and the group added seven of its other locations to BinWise on March 30, 2013.

BinWiseEnterprise was launched in January as a solution for restaurant owners with multiple locations. The product provides restaurant owners and operators with a bird’s eye view of summary financial data for all of their restaurants on a consolidated dashboard.

BinWise will provide the Bartolotta Restaurants with actionable data to manage shrinkage, and closely watch purchasing and sales. Bartolotta Restaurants is the first of many restaurant groups that BinWise will be implementing this year as a result of BinWiseEnterprise.

Posted by Paula Votendahl


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