Beer Garden Opens for Taco Tuesday & Fiesta Friday (With Restrictions)


Hooray! Anaheim Brewery has partnered with K&A to provide meals so that they can serve beer in the Beer Garden with the following rules:

  1. Every person on a tab will be charged for tacos: 2 for $4.50 or 3 for $6.00. You’ll get a ticket to redeem with K&A. You may purchase additional food items directly from K&A.
  2. They will seat your group (max 6 people) at one table. Do not enter the Tasting Room.
    Stay outside; they will take your order and bring your beer. For refills, flag down a server, do not come into the Tasting Room.
  3. No outside beverages, please. They sell soft drinks, bottled water, and Perrier.
  4. No camping. That means to leave when you’re done so that others can be seated.
    Guests may enter the Tasting Room to use the restrooms.
  5. They’re taking extra steps to provide a safe and clean environment for you and for their staff. They thank you for understanding and for being their guests.

It’s going to be extra yummy!

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