Beckett Bar: Paris&#226


paris-vegetableThe best vegetable juice in Paris?

Maybe it’s at Beckett Bar, the new vegetable bar where you can sample savory vegetables’¦or simply pick up your morning or afternoon drink. Beckett Bar, which was formerly a traditional bar in the Madeleine neighborhood, opened for business in the beginning of the year. Situated on a lively street, it’s an ideal stopping-point for a weekday lunch or dinner. Here,vegetables are the centerpiece, from the appetizer to the dessert. The hanging specials board invites passersby to open the door and explore this modern bistro. We create new flavors with South-American accents that will excite your taste buds. Set menus change based on Briones’ inspirations and with the seasons, in order to highlight the freshest and tastiest products. The flavors from one plate to another are incredibly distinct and different.


posted by Andrea Gonzalez 7/17/15

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