Be Your Own Restaurant Food Photographer


One of the keys of effective restaurant marketing is to understand that restaurant patrons eat with their eyes first. Learn how to take amazing pictures of your cuisine by following these tips:

Use Your Menu As Inspiration – Not sure where to start? Start with the most popular dishes on your menu. Think about which entrees are best to showcase.

It’s All About The Lighting – The most important aspect when taking pictures of your restaurant’s food is to make sure you have plenty of light. Taking pictures of your photos in a dimly lit restaurant will only make your dishes look shadowy and less appetizing. Take photos in the daytime by a window so that the food is in natural light.

Lighting Tip: Try to refrain remain using a flash on your camera if you can.
Easy Does It – A common mistake made with self-photography is burry pictures.

Showcase The Rest – Don’t forget that besides your restaurant’s dishes, there is much more you can photograph and share on your restaurant’s website and social feeds. If you are proud of your tabletop decor, take a picture of a table where a patron would be enjoying their meal.
posted by Tiffany Haslacker
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