Barbara Fairchild’s Farewell Tour Dinner at Eva


Next Tuesday, Mark Gold is throwing a party for Barbara Fairchild at his restaurant Eva, where four local chefs will each prepare a dish to honor her 32-year reign at Bon Appetit. Through a press release, Gold cites Fairchild as a huge inspiration, seeing as he’s a fellow Valley-kid who “was inside making bagel burgers with grilled onions” from a recipe in the magazine, while other kids were apparently playing “stick ball.” Why Eva and what’s on the menu?

Fairchild chose Eva for her last birthday dinner, so Gold is welcoming her back to a feast of friends that will include dishes from chefs Mako Tanaka, Octavio Becerra, Laurent Quenioux, and Suzanne Tracht, as well as Gold. It will cost $95 to join the six-course dinner, or dinners, as there’s actually two seatings, and Fairchild will attend both. Presumably, she won’t have to pay the extra $50 for wine to make rubbing elbows with you more bearable. See the full menu below (bagel burgers didn’t make the cut) and make reservations at 323-634-0700 if you’d like to join.

Via Grub Street LA

Check out the menu here.

Posted 12/16/10.

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