For the second year in a row, Christopher Ranch has scored 98% (superior) on its annual processing safety audit. For Christopher Ranch Monviso Garlic customers, these results certify every Christopher Ranch product is as safe to use as it is flavorful.
When Primus Labs, a leading quality assurance auditor, sends inspectors to the Christopher Ranch production facilities, they investigate and evaluate the status of 212 separate quality assurance items. From harvest through processing, packaging and shipping Christopher Ranch employs HAACP, Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Agricultural Practices safety procedures, as well as third party auditing that guarantees consistent quality and complete safety in every Christopher Ranch product.
For more information about Christopher Ranch Monviso Garlic and to learn more about the quality and product safety of the complete line of quality Christopher Ranch products, visit To speak to a Christopher Ranch sales representative, call 800-321-9333.
Choose Christopher Ranch: “All garlic is not created equal”â’ž¢.
Posted By Kristin 6/6/11

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