AquaChef Sous Vide Machine


Developed by KitchenAdvance and introduced at the 2012 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, the innovative AquaChef makes it simple for home cooks of all skill levels to prepare mouthwatering meats, fish and other items. Sous-vide (pronounced soo-veed) is French for “under vacuum.” So, in a foolproof system that eliminates guesswork, ingredients are placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and submerged in the water-filled oven, which is preset to the final and most desirable consumption temperature.

“The AquaChef technique guarantees that you get moist, succulent meats and perfectly cooked meals every time,” says Chef Mel Torcedo, AquaChef Test Kitchen Director. “All you need to do is seal the seasoned food inside a vacuum-sealed bag, submerge it in the water bath at the required temperature and walk away. Food is cooked at the finished temperature, so that it never ends up raw or dried out.”

The AquaChef Oven and its accessories retails for $159.80, or less than half the cost of other sous-vide systems found at pricy kitchen stores. It also comes with KitchenAdvance’s Seal N Fresh Handheld Vacuum System, and a set of Seal N Fresh Vacuum Bags.

“Only three simple steps are involved,” adds Torcedo. “You add fresh herbs, spices and even sliced lemon to the vacuum-sealed bag, which gives you more intense flavors and textures. Then, set the desired temperature, which can be found in our AquaChef Cookbook.”

With a push of a button, the Vacuum System removes the air from the bag and locks in the food’s flavors, nutrients and moisture.

Posted by Suzanna

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