AquaChef Clarity Kickstarter Launch


aqua chefIn an effort to bring an attainably priced and complete Sous Vide cooking package to home cooks everywhere, a group of friends and self-proclaimed “foodies” in the San Diego area of Southern California have launched a Kickstarter campaign for the AquaChef Clarity, a revolutionary cooking appliance that transforms everyday food into gourmet quality meals. It is compact, quiet, uses little energy and is easy to use. Cuts of meat that are often difficult to prepare, such as flank steak and brisket, emerge fork-cutting tender. And with the Aqua Chef Clarityâ„¢ and its Sous-Vide method of preparation, it is virtually impossible to undercook or overcook food. The innovative AquaChef Clarityâ„¢ makes it simple for home cooks of all skill levels to prepare mouthwatering meats, fish and other items. Sous Vide (pronounced soo-veed) is French for “under vacuum.” So, in a foolproof system that eliminates guesswork, ingredients are placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and submerged in the water-filled oven, which is preset to the final and most desirable consumption temperature. With a push of a button, the Clarity’s Vacuum System removes the air from the bag and locks in the food’s flavors, nutrients and moisture. The bag is placed in the Clarity’s water bath and it cooks until the user is ready to eat it.

Posted by Elise Felicetta


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