Realizing the growing demand for lighter fare during the summer months, Antonello Ristorante – Santa Ana at South Coast Plaza Village is introducing a revolving, 3-course menu for $20, announced Managing Partner Thad Foret. One of the only fine dining establishments inn the nation to boast 2 executive chefs, the culinary team of Salvatore Ferrara and Gino Buonanoce say that the new lighter, prix fixe offerings are in keeping Antonello Ristorante – Santa Ana’s retooled menu emphasizing higher flavor profiles, more organic ingredients and an overall lighter approach to preparing them.

“When our guests think summer, they think of eating lighter,” said Foret. “By offering this new 3-course summer menu, Salvatore and Gino are able to satisfy their demands while challenging their creativity on a weekly basis as these items will constantly revolve throughout the season.”

Among the new summer items are paper-thin slices of octopus drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and lemon and topped with arugula; grilled wild Sockeye salmon topped with cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs; and a roasted pistachio & diced candied fruit for dessert. While items will change weekly, the price will remain at $20.

Some of the items on the retooled menu include grilled boneless free-range chicken marinated in fresh herbs and balsamic vinegar; medallions of beef topped with organic extra virgin olive oil, shallots, Porcini mushrooms and San Marzana tomatoes; Orecchiette pasta sauteed with Pugliese sausage, Swiss chard and topped with Pecorino Romano; and Cavatelli topped in a slowly cooked lamb ragu.

Antonello Ristorante – Santa Ana is located at 3800 Plaza Drive, at South Coast Plaza Village. Call (714) 751-7153 for reservations and visit for more information.

Published by Kristin 6/22/2011

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