American Humane Certified Program Launches The Humane Tablea


American Humane Certified, a program of the American Humane Association, has expanded their efforts and created a new resource designed to help cooking enthusiasts at all levels learn about the benefits of humanely raised food. At The Humane Tablea visitors to the American Humane Certified web site will find a bounty of seasonal recipes, testimonials from professional chefs praising the flavor of the humanely raised foods they serve and links to news that impacts the industry.

“We set out to create a vibrant resource for foodies’ who care about where the products they cook with and eat come from,” said Tim Amlaw, director of the American Humane Certified program. “In the months and years ahead, The Humane Table will keep visitors to our web site abreast of everything from the latest stores that carry our producers’ products to the best way to prepare a cage-free omelet.”

Furthermore, American Humane Certified has achieved another milestone announcing its first certified producer of humanely raised veal. With the growing demand for cage-free, organic, and humanely raised products, American Humane Certified has answered consumer demand and helps ensure the humane treatment of farm animals for food. Under strict standards of care created by an advisory board of experts in animal husbandry, animals raised for food under the American Humane Certified program live in low-stress environments designed to allow them to perform natural behaviors. Consumers can support producers who meet these standards by purchasing only American Humane Certified dairy products.

“The producers certified under the American Humane Certified program have committed to the humane treatment of their animals and are verified by an independent, third-party auditor,” added Amlaw. “Consumers who choose to purchase products with the American Humane Certified seal are effectively using their voices to tell grocery stores, the agricultural industry and the food industry that they expect humane treatment of the food products they buy. And American Humane Certified producers have heard their call.”

Today, American Humane has certified producers raising more than 60 million farm animals.

And American Humane Certified is the fastest growing, third party and independent animal welfare program in the U.S. , including its status as the nation’s largest certifier of cage-free eggs. American Humane Certified works to educate and collaborate with the food industry to move toward more humane treatment for farm animals. For the past 133 years, American Humane has had outstanding success in improving farm animal welfare.

Restaurant chefs from Sonoma , Calif. , to Chicago to Memphis have been discovering the benefits of serving American Humane Certified products such as beef, chicken, gourmet cheeses and cage-free eggs. In addition to feeling good about where their food comes from, many say their signature dishes just taste better when they’re prepared with humanely raised products.

“The quality is there and you can always taste it,” said Mark Steuer, executive chef at Hot Chocolate in Chicago , who makes his signature burgers with Piedmontese beef from American Humane Certified producer Heartland Meats. “From my experience, I know there are taste differences.”

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Posted 10/13/10.

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