Survey Reveals Most “All American” Food/Nation’s Top BBQ choice


As backyard grills are firing up to celebrate the end of summer, commissioned a survey to settle American’s barbecue debate once and for all.

The survey uncovered some interesting trends about America’s obsession with all things BBQ and found opinions on the most “All American Food.”

Respondents revealed 84 percent of Americans plan to enjoy sweet and tangy barbecue during the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Chicken (39 percent) beat pork (30 percent) as the nation’s meat of choice, with beef coming in third with 26 percent of the vote. Putting the long-standing debate to rest, America chose Texas as the best barbecue destination with 43 percent of the vote, beating Memphis (24 percent), North Carolina (15 percent) and Kansas City (13 percent).

Additional consumer preferences expressed in the AmazonLocal survey include:

– When it comes to what consumers consider the most all-American food, apple pie took the crown with 28 percent of the vote, followed by hamburgers with 25 percent, hot dogs at 20 percent and barbecue at 17 percent

– Four in 10 Americans believe slow-smoked is the one true way to cook great barbecue

– 91 percent of respondents said they either “love or like” barbecue

Posted by Suzanna

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