Alaska’s Wild King and Snow Crab Season Opened October 15th


The harvest season for 2010-2011 has begun! Alaska’s largest crab fisheries opened on October 15th which means… mouthwatering crab! The first featured crab is the Alaska Bristol Bay red king crab that is set to bring in 15 million pounds and is known for its sweet flavor and tender body meat. Second, the Alaska Bering Sea snow crab is set to bring in 54 million pounds and has a delicious sweet flavor and snowy white meat. Third, the Saint Matthew Island Section blue king crab harvest is set at 1.6 million pounds.

Crabbing (or pot fishing) is the method for harvesting king and snow crab and can be very dangerous for Alaskan fishermen. Pots made of steel are dropped into the icy ocean water, and at the perfect moment, are hauled in due to instinct. As the crabs are emptied into the hold, the pots are then quickly rebaited with cut fish and lowered down into the ocean once again. The crabs that are harvested are then processed and frozen for year-round availability.To learn more visit

Alaska has taken pride in their leadership in sustainable management, which has led to a remarkable supply of delicious seafood.

Posted 10/21/10

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