AchieveHERs Highlights Female Leadership


achievehersThe AchieveHERs, founded by the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce, provides an opportunity for women to share their experiences, insights and inspiration in business ” highlights founding members, like restaurateur Suzy Sofer, who defied all odds to succeed despite the Great Recession.

The U.S. economy is still struggling to expand at more than a glacial pace, leading many to denounce living the American dream as a forgotten pastime (1) ” and for women, whose pay is only 77% of men’s, the drive to get ahead is largely considered disadvantaged. One AchieveHERs member understands all too well the effect a tumbling economy can create. Suzy Sofer, Cody’s restaurant owner and City Commissioner of Belleair Bluffs, turned to the restaurant industry after the economic downfall affected her career as a mortgage broker.

The finance sector was one of the hardest hit industries following the economy’s downfall, suffering stricter regulations and layoffs in its wake.

Through a combination of determination and ingenuity, Sofer has excelled in the restaurant business. As a result of running a successful location, Sofer has been asked by the franchise to assist in opening up other Cody’s locations.

In response to the gender gap in business, the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce (CRCC) recently heeded the opinions of over 100 women, like Sofer, regarding women-in-business issues and established AchieveHERs, a women’s networking group designed to provide impactful quarterly events that share insight, ideas, skills and success stories to ultimately help women overcome obstacles to their success.

AcheiveHERs say they will use recent market research findings to continue delivering what the women membership indicated it wanted in all aspects of the group. The CRCC Board projects to increase its membership with the new group and utilize it as a vehicle to help women overcome obstacles as they vie for top leadership roles and increase their competitive edge as entrepreneurs.

Posted by Lauren Harrity 11/16/13

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