A Letter From Chef Rich Mead


“To Our Farmhouse Community:

The last few months have seen huge changes in all of our lives. We have all been affected differently and forced to adjust our lives in many ways. Going out, socializing with friends, vacations, graduations, traveling, and even our work—all of these things and more have been put on hold as we have had to rethink how we interact with friends, colleagues, family and everyone around us.

Our restaurants’ focus has changed drastically, and we have been forced to create on the fly. We now open every day as a takeout restaurant with a simpler menu: Family Meals built for two, Farmers Market Produce Boxes, a Curbside Market, Brunch Family Meals, Curbside Cocktails—whatever we can do to keep as many of our employees working and hopefully bring a little joy to you, our valued guests and friends.

Overnight, our business decreased dramatically, and we were forced to lay off and furlough over 80% of our staff. To say the least, it has been hard, but the support we have felt from our community of friends has been nothing but beautiful.

You have been so generous. We have been distributing the tips we have received to the members of our staff who we haven’t been able to bring to work. The produce boxes you bought have helped us support the farmers we have worked with for years. The food they grow has been so instrumental in helping us create the restaurants you have supported throughout my years cooking in Newport Beach.

We also had set up a Go Fund Me page for our staff who were laid off, and the response was so amazing, I cannot begin to express my gratitude.

To our Farmhouse and Sage Community—I want to thank you and tell you how much we, and especially I, appreciate your support and friendship. We will get through this together, and when we do, I hope to see you and thank you in person.


Rich Mead
Owner and Executive Chef

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