3 Ways to Improve Your Website



Captive Designs – website redesign & branding – recommends 3 ways to improve your restaurant website and get more customers.

When it comes to restaurant websites, your website is just as important as having a great chef and food that people love. A bad first impression on your website would turn visitors away and cost you new customers. Here are 5 ways that you can improve your restaurant website, based on issues that appear over a large portion of restaurant website.

1. Use Photos to Entice Visitors Great photos of your menu items is a key selling point to entice website visitors to come into your restaurant. When a visitor sees photos of your food it creates excitement and urgency for them to visit your restaurant and try that menu item that looks absolutely amazing. So use photos to entice visitors and get them into your restaurant by post a gallery of food photos on your website in an easy to use and easy to navigate format that they can scroll through effortlessly.

2. Post a User-Friendly Menu Post pdf menus might be easy for you to update, but it is difficult for your customers to access. PDF menus often lead to error messages and cannot easily be accessed on smartphones, creating an unnecessary issue and a missed opportunity for your restaurant to get a new customer. Instead use your web pages to post your menus, so that it is easily accessible by your customers. Plus with easy to use website content management solutions available, you or your staff will be able to quickly update any changes to your menu.

3. Make Your Contact Info Accessible Your phone number should be at the top of website and accessible on each page. Your location should be listed with your full address for those that wish to plug it in to a GPS system, however, you should also list your cross streets to make it easy for visitors to find your location without having to do added research.

Posted by Cynthia Le

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