2018 Gingerbread Masterpiece


For almost a decade, the well-known and ever-popular Blackmarket Bakery has created a Gingerbread Masterpiece to kick off the holiday season each year. Known for creating some of OC’s most delicious treats using all natural, authentic ingredients, this annual masterpiece has become a testimony to the talent and quality of Blackmarket Bakery and its unveiling is a highly anticipated local pastime.

This year, the edible masterpiece is a recreation of the USS DISCOVERY, honoring the legendary Science Fiction film – 2001: A Space Odyssey.  This year marks the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s movie, which remains a widely discussed film to this day.

When it first debuted, the movie stunned audiences as it dealt with complicated questions surrounding space travel, artificial intelligence, and the beginning of life. Nonetheless, it was these same issues that revolutionized science fiction and transformed the genre into a fan favorite.

Blackmarket Bakery’s recreation of the ship not only honors Kubrick’s masterpiece with a work of its own, but draws attention to the questions asked in the film and their relevance in today’s world while also reaffirming the “from-scratch” eatery’s longstanding tie to the “good old days.”

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