2014 Dole Fruit Pairings


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For its 2014 DOLE Fruit Pairings, Dole sets its flavor sights on the Eastern Mediterranean, the cradle of western cultural, political, economic and culinary traditions. Civilizations whose territories touched the Mediterranean established active trade routes that spread the grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and spices of each region throughout the ancient world.

Through a fruit-forward lens, the 5th Annual Dole Fruit Pairings looks at the contemporary cuisines of Southern Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel, combining popular fruits with each country’s indigenous foods to create vibrant dishes that fit today’s menus.

Southern Italy Peaches and Almonds
Strawberries and Olives

Greece Mandarin Oranges and Honey
Raspberries and Yogurt

Turkey Blackberries and Feta
Cherries and Lamb

Lebanon Pineapple and Pistachios
Apples and Tea

Israel Bananas and Sesame
Mangos and Couscous

Building on niche ethnic restaurant trend-highlighting previously unexplored culinary traditions of countries like Israel and specific regional cuisines like Southern Italian*-Dole leverages its fruit expertise to offer chefs common ingredients in unique combinations. With the 2014 DOLE Fruit Pairings, Dole created a collection of fruit-forward, sweet and savory dishes and beverages using DOLE Fresh Frozen and Packaged Fruits.

posted by Sarah McCallum

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