The Bruery and “Top Chef” Winner Brooke Williamson Collaborate on a Trio of New Beers


Fresh off a win from Food Network’s “Tournament of Champions” this spring, Los Angeles chef and restaurateur Brooke Williamson is teaming up yet again with the creative minds at The Bruery for a second round of collaborations. Their first collaboration included two beers. The first was Girl Grey— which featured the cool character of a Belgian-style ale, with sweet ribbons of almond flavors balanced by the piquant qualities of Earl Grey tea. The second was Kyuri Dragon—  a refreshing, bright, tropical collaboration featuring The Bruery’s oak-aged sour blonde ale with cucumbers, dragon fruit, rambutan, kaffir lime leaf, and lychee. Those beers were such a hit they just had to team up again to create another palate-pleasing collaboration designed to pair seamlessly with food.

The Bruery’s Director of Production, Jeremy Grinkey, explains the inspiration behind the new concepts for the new collaboration— Provisions with Chef Brooke Williamson, “We are inspired by nearly everything— food, wine, gardening, sunset dinners, long walks on the beach, etc. For this collaboration with our friend, Chef Brooke, we focused on a trio of beers that would highlight some of our common inspirations and the beautiful way that beer interacts with food.”

Provisions with Chef Brooke Williamson is a collection that begins with The Vine, a beer-wine hybrid with one of Chef Brooke’s oldest inspirers, Andrew Murray, of Andrew Murray Vineyards. Next is The Berry, a huckleberry fruited tripel, inspired by their mutual love of tripels and Chef Brooke’s favorite berry, the huckleberry. Finally, there is The Spice, a thyme-spiced imperial stout that showcases Chef Brooke’s love of gardening and growing her own herbs with The Bruery’s love of brewing stouts. In fact, the thyme used in this beer was sourced directly from Chef Brooke’s home herb garden. As Jeremy Grinkey further explains, “We want these Provisions with Chef Brooke to bookend and complement that special dinner shared with good company.”

The Bruery’s Innovation Manager, Andrew Bell, shares the experience of working with Chef Brooke on this collaboration, “Brooke was great to work with— she is an absolute master of her craft. We are fortunate enough to occasionally get to work with some of the top people in other industries, be it chefs, winemakers, or ice cream makers, and it is always both fascinating as well as a great learning experience for us. Having Brooke’s perspective and input on both ingredients and flavor profiles definitely shows through on these delicious beers.”

This trio of beers is launching to the public on Thursday, July 16, on their website and at all three of The Bruery locations including The Bruery Tasting Room in Placentia, CA, The Bruery- Terreux Tasting Room in Anaheim, CA, and The Bruery Store located at Union Market in Washington D.C. The Bruery also delivers throughout California and parts of Nevada through express shipping and local delivery options. The full Provisions lineup will also be available later this summer at Chef Brooke’s restaurant, Playa Provisions in Playa Del Rey, CA, both in-restaurant and bottles to-go. The Vine will be hitting full distribution across the nation on August 1, 2020. The Berry and The Spice will see limited distribution. You can locate this incredible trio of beers by using The Bruery’s beer finder online.

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