Tabu Grill Voted Most Romantic


Tabu Grill was named one of the Most Romantic Places in Laguna Beach by the Laguna Beach City Guide for Winter/Spring 2014!

“Tabu’s blend of beachy-casual with exotic decor leads to the perfect, not-too-snotty, not-too-informal vibe. The intimate eatery’s cuisine blends Californian and Pan Asian influences, and it’s one of the highest-rated Zagat restaurants in Southern California.”

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About Tabu Grill:
The word Tabu is from the Polynesian Tongan people’s tongue and means, Set apart or Forbidden’ which sets the tone for this unparalleled restaurant located in Laguna Beach. As you enter the mysterious oasis that is Tabu Grill, a ring of exotic plants surrounds the front patio entrance, guarding it from the prying eyes of the outside world.

The seductive curve of the grill top overlooking the display kitchen beckons you to engage in some voyeuristic urges and watch as they work their magic with their delectable ingredients. Entrancing hues of oceanic blues, exotic purples, and aquamarines, reminiscent of the South Pacific, add a cool and relaxing air to the space. Seagrass chairs seem to want to embrace you and the banquets lure you in with their plush and inviting look. Dozens of candles ensconced in the muted stone walls add an intimate feeling and give a silky depth to the rich wood table tops. The ceiling is decorated with colorful tapestries that add to the opulent feeling of intimacy, the feeling this is somehow secret and forbidden’ from the world.

Tabu Grill truly feels like an oceanic oasis in which to indulge yourself. Tabu Grill is in its stride’ as it continually serves a highly sought-after menu in a rousing ambiance to achieve a coveted Zagat score of Extraordinary to Perfection year after year. They look forward to continuing that passionate pursuit as they look to the future and keep striving for more. Tabu Grill truly is set apart’ from other establishments.

tabuPosted by Meghan Ogilvie

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