Solita Tacos & Margaritas features SUPER TACOS!


Solita Tacos & Margaritas has introduced a new menu featuring more than a dozen new dishes, including the long-awaited debut of Super Tacos! Now, Solita guests will have the opportunity to partake in five new Super Taco selections, including Chef Deb’s acclaimed Vampiro, inspired by great ideas from both sides of the border.

Solita Red TacoFollowing are the new Super Tacos, Antojitos and Solita Specialty dishes now available:

vampiro  – double tortilla with cheese, serranos & green onions, guacamole, choice of carne asada or grilled chicken, chipotle sauce, cotixa cheese, salsa fresca

xolo pork adobo – pork in special sauce with cheese, pineapple, avocado, taquero sauce, onion

pescado  – pan-seared wild fish with salsa rosa and slaw

squido –  grilled spicy calamari steak with salsa verduras

grilled toreado – grilled jalapeño, cheese & bacon, smoked tequila onions, crema salsa fresca

bean dip ‘frijoles puercos’ – refried charro beans, chorizo, carnitas, cheese, freshly-fried pork chicharrón

chicharrón – paper bag of fresh-fried hot chicharrón shaken at table with chile con limon, lime

valentina fried chicken – boneless dark meat, secret marinade and breading, Valentina garlic butter sauce

calamari strips with dos salsas – panko-crusted calamari strips deep-fried, salsa verduras & spicy salsa rosa

chicken mole empanaditas – chicken & cheese, cilantro, house-made mole poblano, crema, sesame seeds

chicken mole – boneless chicken, house made mole poblano, crema, sesame seeds

red chile beef flautas – shredded beef, red chile sauce, crema, chipotle sauce

chicken verde – pulled chicken, salsa verde, poblano chiles, cheese, crema & avocado


demonic brownie – rich chocolate brownie topped with salated caramel pecan sauce, ice cream and strawberry rum salsa

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