Sartori Launches “Cut and Wrap” Cheese Certification Program


cut-&-wrapSartori Company is proud to announce the launch of a Certified Cut and Wrap Cheese Program, a key education piece that serves as a guide for in-store cutting and wrapping of artisanal cheese. Sartori invites cheese mongers and enthusiasts to visit to watch seven short episodes and test their knowledge to become “Sartori Certified.”

“Over the past few years, they’ve seen a significant increase in the number of cut and wrap shops opening their doors in the United States. They recognized the opportunity for an improved consumer experience, seeing first-hand the numerous variations of how cheese mongers handle and care for artisan cheese,” states Sartori Chief Marketing Officer, Chad Vincent. “When executed well, cut and wrap can be a high margin destination that adds value to stores while being the best option to sell fresh, high quality cheese to the end consumer.”

The program consists of seven brief episodes highlighting insights and recommendations including topics such as cheese case set up, sanitation and safety, cutting and wrapping multiple varieties of cheese, and merchandising and maintaining a cheese case. Following the videos, a short 35 question exam will be presented with the opportunity to become “Sartori Certified.” “Whether you work behind a cheese counter or are just a cheese lover, this program gives valuable insight on the best ways to handle cheese. We want the program to serve as a guide in no way are we saying we’re the experts. We spent over a year interviewing and working side by side with the best cheese mongers and retailers in the business to get a wide view of best practices. We are excited to share this information,” adds Vincent.

Sartori’s Certified Cut and Wrap Program can be found on Sartori’s website The program is open to all participants including independent cheese shop owners, deli specialists, cheese mongers, and cheese enthusiasts. The program includes seven short videos outlining best practices for cutting and wrapping, followed by a 35 question exam. Once participants pass the exam, they will receive an exclusive gift from Sartori and become “Sartori Certified.”

posted 3/28/15 Andrea Gonzalez

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