QLess Acquires Boston Startup to Reduce Restaurant Wait Time



In the upturn of the US economy, QLess, Inc., the world’s first mobile queuing solution provider helping organizations replace physical lines in waiting areas with virtual queues, has just announced its acquisition of the assets of the mobile paging provider, Textaurant Corporation.

QLess has been shown to reduce restaurant no-shows by 20-40%, and walk-aways or turn-aways by an impressive 75%, engaging and informing customers throughout the wait. QLess also allows users to be personally greeted. It is this level of personal customer service that creates the ideal first impressions, while increasing retention of customers, more of whom choose to wait thanks to QLess.

Founded in 2007 by acclaimed scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur Alex Backer, QLess has established offices around the world whose residing mission is one markedly effective and driven by the vital goal of eliminating waiting in lines. With an elite team from leading universities and Internet companies including Caltech, MIT, and Yahoo!, QLess is set to increase its global reach by giving millions the freedom to run errands or grab a bite to eat one line at a time.

Posted by Lauren Harrity 10/10/13

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