Philip Tessler Wins Silver


Bocuse d’Or 2014/2015:
Nicolas Luc Villeroy Congratulates Winner from Norway Personally in Lyon

On January 27th and 28th, 2015, the final of the renowned competition of the top internationalgastronomes, the Bocuse d’Or, took place in Lyon. Nicolas Luc Villeroy, BoardMember for Tableware at Villeroy & Boch also traveled to the hometown of the eponymousPaul Bocuse to personally congratulate the winners. In addition to the winnerfrom Norway, Orjan Johannessen, he also congratulated from the podium the secondplace winner from the U.S., Philip Tessler, as well as the third place winner TommyMyllymaki from Sweden.

International Chefs Present Their Dishes on Affinity

In the 2014/2015 competition as well, Villeroy & Boch provided the official competitionplates. The round plates with a diameter of 31.5 cm from the successful collection”Affinity” offered the chefs plenty of space to present their sophisticated dishes thanksto its large size. In addition to the current competition plates this year once again therewas a Bocuse d’Or collector’s plate from Villeroy & Boch in limited edition for all participantsof the competition as well as guests of the gala dinner on the night of the final.The special decor comes from the brush of the French artist and designer Alain Vavro,who has been developing the decor for the collector’s plates since 1995, which is personallyapproved by Paul Bocuse.

The Villeroy & Boch Hotel & Restaurant Division has been closely connected to theworld-renowned cooking competition for many years. Villeroy & Boch is a Membreassocie du Bocuse d’Or and has been producing the popular Bocuse d’Or event platesfor many years.

The Bocuse d’Or also offers Villeroy & Boch the opportunity to take notice ofnew cooking trends early on and to develop tableware series or special products basedon these trends that can provide the creations of outstanding gourmet chefs an adequatestage.

About the Hotel & Restaurant Division

The Hotel & Restaurant division of Villeroy & Boch has been providing its services tocustomers of the restaurant and hotel industry around the world for more than 30 years.The product portfolio includes not only professional dishware series, but also glass andcutlery collections as well as a palette of accessories that are especially designed for usein hotels and restaurants for the table with everything, the perfect buffet as well asbanquets. Since it was founded in 1980 the Hotel & Restaurant division has been able tocontinuously expand all over the world and is now active in all of Europe, the U.S., theNear and Middle East, Australia as well as in the emerging markets of Asia and Africa.Further information:

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