PantryChic Launched Today


pantrychicWhere it all Began

The Inventor, Founder and President of Nik of Time, Incâ„¢., Nicole Sollazzo Lee, invented the patentedPANTRYCHICâ„¢ Store & Dispense Systemâ„¢ while enjoying one of her many hobbies, baking. Living in a small New York City apartment, working in a tiny kitchen with no dishwasher, getting tired of inconsistent batches of holiday cookies, she quickly identified a need for a simple, convenient and more time efficient way to store, measure and collect ingredients.

After several years of research, Nicole assembled an exceptional team, including: Angelika Belle, Product Designer & President of Carbon Project, Inc., David Huang, Bill Conley and the innovative Engineer Team, Focus Product Design, to bring this novel product line to fruition.

The Nik of Time, Inc.â„¢ team is excited to introduce thePANTRYCHICâ„¢Store & Dispense Systemâ„¢– Coming to Indiegogo this November!

Simplifying Food Prep

Whether baking from scratch, abiding by dietary needs, or seeking to control portions, food preparation can become a time-consuming and complicated endeavor. Requiring accuracy in measuring is essential. The PANTRYCHICâ„¢ Store & Dispense Systemâ„¢ simplifiespreparation by removing the cumbersome task of measuring ingredients – in the measurement units of your choice!

Convenient Storage and Dispensing

The ability to conveniently dispense ingredients directly from sophisticated storage canisters into a bowl is now possible with the PANTRYCHICâ„¢Store & Dispense Systemâ„¢. Store your ingredients in custom airtight canisters and select the amount of ingredient you want to dispense.

Dispensing straight from the canisters with thePANTRYCHICâ„¢ Store & Dispense Systemâ„¢ not only provides accuracy in measuring, but also minimizes clean up time!

The Ultimate Control Over Ingredients

Concerned about preservatives? Have special dietary needs? Take the control back and throw away those processed and boxed mixes. ThePANTRYCHICâ„¢ Store & Dispense Systemâ„¢ allows you to make ingredient substitutions to accommodate health and dietary needs,customize recipesand help withportion control without the hassle of complicated conversion charts and manual measuring.

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