Unveiling New Spring Menu


Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar is delighted to present a new spring menu courtesy of Executive Chef Alejandra Padilla. Complimenting the restaurant’s classic dishes, the menu ushers in springtime flavors using the season’s freshest ingredients.

The menu welcomes seventeen exciting new small plates, sides, entrees and desserts. Begin your flavorful journey with the Spring Onion and English Pea Tart with English pea puree, gruyere, ricotta, and petite salad or try the Baby Beets & Burrata with muscat grapes, puffed quinoa and basil seed vinaigrette. Savor hearty main dishes like the Lamb Gnocchi with preserved meyer lemon, Castelvetrano olives, tomato petal and pistachio breadcrumbs or Roasted Icelandic Cod with saffron beurre fondue, PEI mussels, peas and crushed Alaskan fingerling potatoes. You can finish your meal with a decadent dessert option like the Pineapple Sticky Toffee Pudding or Strawberry Rhubarb Cheesecake.


Small Plates

Spring Onion and English Pea Tart

English pea puree, gruyere, ricotta, petite salad, 15

Grilled Heirloom Artichokes

pickled garlic, parsley aioli, 16

Steak Tartare

shallots, arugula, truffle oil, beef buttered crostini, 17

Fruits del Mar

Grilled Hawaiian Prawns

romesco, citrus, salt-cured olives, 18

Ora King Salmon Crudo

sea asparagus, serrano, Japanese basil, 20

Soups and Greens

Sunchoke Soup

sunflower seed crumble, herb oil, 12

Baby Beets and Burrata

muscat grapes, puffed quinoa, basil seed vinaigrette, 15

Farmers Market Mixed Lettuce

black pepper walnuts, radishes, Andy’s Orchard dried apricots, tarragon vinaigrette, 14

Little Gem Caesar

basil leaves, croutons, garlic chips, pecorino, 13


Braised Short Rib

roasted salsify, celery root puree, wild mushrooms, grated horseradish, 45

Lamb Gnocchi

preserved meyer lemon, Castelvetrano olives, tomato petal, pistachio breadcrumbs, 30

Roasted Icelandic Cod

saffron beurre fondue, PEI mussels, peas, crushed Alaskan fingerling potatoes, 36

Jidori Chicken

braised artichokes, fava beans, gigante beans, leek jam, parmesan fondue, 32


Market Asparagus, 12

Roasted Sunchokes, 12


Pineapple Sticky Toffee Pudding, 12

Strawberry Rhubarb Cheesecake, 12

To see their full menu click here.

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