Ruby’s Diner Limited-Time Tacos

Ruby's Diner to serve three styles of tacos now through June 18th, 2017


Ruby’s Diner is pleased to introduce tacos to the menu through Father’s Day! The Ruby’s Diner taco limited time offer features a variety of three signature Ruby’s Diner tacos: Grilled Chicken, Off the Hook Fish, and Shooby Dooby Shrimp. The taco combo, priced at $9.99, includes your choice of two tacos served with a side of black beans and fresh salsa. Shooby Dooby down to your nearest Ruby’s Diner to taste all three tacos before they are gone. These are available at participating locations only, through June 18, 2017.

Grilled Chicken Taco
Tender chicken breast wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, topped with fresh coleslaw mix, Sriracha mayo, chopped green onions, and Cotija cheese.

Off the Hook Fish Taco
Fresh battered cod stuffed in a flour tortilla and topped with coleslaw mix, Sriracha mayo, freshly chopped green onions and Cotija cheese.

Shooby Dooby Shrimp Taco
Flavorful shrimp topped with coleslaw mix, Sriracha mayo, crisp green onions, Cotija cheese in a soft flour tortilla

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