New Taco & Tequila Specials


Taco Rosa Unveils Taco & Tequila Specials

Chef-owner Ivan Calderon has introduced a variety of unique taco specials including Lobster Chorizo Tacos, Sweet Potato Tacos, Korean BBQ Tacos, and a Tabilta de Tacos for Two. Enjoy new agave-sweetened drinks including a Noir Cadillac Margarita and Chikka Cocktail.

Since its inception in 2006, Taco Rosa has been committed to sustainability by using artisan water, produce sourced from hyper-local, regenerative farms, wild seafood guided by Seafood Watch, and humanely raised meats – most recently sourcing local GMO-free corn for all its masa-based products – which are locally produced at the concept’s sister restaurant Taco Mesa Tortillleria Orgánica & Café in Orange, CA.

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