New Grill, New Game


Inspired by culinary adventures in Baja, Mexico — and a chance meeting with Chef Drew Deckman — Chef David Pratt has recently fitted his kitchen with an eight-foot Santa Maria grill that now resides alongside his eponymous brick oven that has been at the core of his repertoire since opening in 2012. To accompany the new equipment, he has just completed an extensive reevaluation and revamp of the menu at BRICK Restaurant in San Clemente.

“I was doing this dinner […],” Pratt said of the experience to Cathy Thomas of Cathy Thomas Cooks. “There was a guy working the grill. Long story short, the guy builds the grills. This guy is the man.”

New items on the menu include veal breast, grilled octopus, and a larger selection of fish & meat. But for longtime BRICK fans, there’s no need to worry — classic dishes, such as Pratt’s brick-oven pizzas, meatballs, and roasted beet salad will remain available.

Even with the new grill, Chef Pratt’s first concern is his patrons enjoy their meals. “I try to talk to each table that comes in,” he says. “I want to make sure everyone has a good experience.”


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